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Where, when, what and who?
LOUD! is an annual music camp, organized at Haugetun Folk College outside of Fredrikstad. In 2019 there are two camps; from June 22rd to 30th & June 30th to July 6th. Youth between the age of eleven and seventeen with an interest for music can participate. Participation costs 3500 NOK. If there are more than one participants from the same family, the fee for the second child is 2000 NOK, and reduced or no fees for families with fewer oportunities. In 2019 we are also organizing elektroLOUD workshops in the fall.

Why the focus on girls?
Children and youth in this age easily fall into established gender roles, where the girls primarily sing while boys play instruments or do technical tasks. We want to provide girls with the opportunity to work on all aspects of being a musician, and create a safe environment for trying and failing.

Is the camp for girls only?
LOUD wants to contribute to a more equal and diverse music life, so we welcome all underrepresented genders. Maybe you're trans, non binary, or don't have a word that describes your identity? If you feel LOUD! is right for you, you're welcome.

Do I have to play an instrument from before?
LOUD! is both for those who have some experience and for those who doesn't. In order for everyone to develop at their own pace on their level, we put together bands where the participants have diverse backgrounds in order for them to learn from each other.

I know a lot already, is LOUD! for me?
It sure is! You will be challenged in new areas – genre, instruments, songwriting, interaction and other important parts of being a musician. This year, you can even try out as a producer at elektroLOUD!

How do you put the bands together?
On the first day of the camp, the participants get to try out all the different instruments. Then, they make a wish as to what instrument they want to play and who they want to play with. Based on this, in addition to their skill level, the teachers create the bands. 

Should I bring my own instrument?
You are more than welcome to bring your own instrument if you'd like. If you do; make sure to to let us know in the registration form.

Who works at the camp?
The pedagogic responsibility at the camp lies with professional music teachers and musicians. In addition to these, there are several volunteers between 18 and 25 who help out with activities and make sure everyone is having a good time. 

What do we do at the camp?
The program for this year’s camp will be out soon! Keep checking back on our website for updated information.

LOUD! is too expensive for us!
We want everyone to have the opportunity to be a rock star for a week! If you recruit one or more friends to the camp, you both get a 500 NOK discount (time limited offer). Families with a struggling economy can ask for a reduced price or free participation. Contact us if this applies to you.


I am afraid to go alone...
Many of the participants at camp do not know anyone there when they arrive. We are focused on making sure everyone gets to know one another, feels safe and has a great time at camp. At LOUD! it is easy to make new friends!

I am too old to participate...
Perhaps you could volunteer then? Check out this page for more info! 

Is it allowed to smoke or drink?
It is not allowed to smoke, snuse or drink alcohol at the camp. If you get caught doing so, you will be sent home at your own expense. If your parents are on vacation, they will have to travel home to meet you. The worst part is: your band loses a musician!

Do I need pocket money?
The participant fee covers food, accomodation and the program for the entire camp. Remember to bring money for the bus or train if you are travelling that way.

Is the campsite accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes, there are elevators, and all rooms are accessible for wheelchairs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other facilitating. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What do I need to bring?
A packing list will be sent out to those who have signed up to join the camp. You will need linens, towel, water bottle, some clothes you like for your concert and band photo, and also a white t-shirt that you can print your band logo onto. 

Are there other camps like this?
Absolutely! On the website of Girls Rock Camp Allience, there is an overview of other similar camps being arranged all over the world.