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About elektroLOUD


Are you curious about music production? Have you written a few songs, but wonder how you can use music programs to create the soundscape and expression you want? Perhaps you've got lyrics already, but lack the good beat underneath it to create a good song? electroLOUD is for you!

electroLOUD was held for the first time in 2017, and the next workshops will be held in the fall semester of 2019 (dates coming soon).

At elektroLOUD you get to produce your own song, explore both software and hardware, learn about the music business and meet other girls and transpeople with the same interests as yourself. 

elektroLOUD is for girls and transpeople between the age of 16-26 years. While gender differences in other music genres are gradually decreasing, there's still a large gap in music production and electronic music. With elektroLOUD we are working to change this imbalance!